Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Some style capsules for today.

1. Nondescript is It.

2. KEEP IT CHIC..  Haven't been reading blogs lately, but luckily stumbled into this one.  I'm having a SHE COULD BE MY FRIEND moment.  This blog is by a chic woman who is happy to see peplum go ("who wants ruffles around the waist?"), a SIMPLE GAL, even admitting to BEING AFRAID OF LIPSTICK (me too!), TRADES SUPERGA FOR TRETORNS --all white only please.  I already checked, hihi, plain white Tretorns are 3k(!) in Manila (copycat!).

Photo from Keep It Chic via Photo © TOMBOY style.com by Lizzie Garrett
Yeah, she could be my friend.

3. SURI'S BURN BOOK.  Ok, I know, where have I been??  A friend told me about this blog. Sooo hilarious.  I spent hours back-reading.  Learn a thing or two from "Suri" (whatever you do, don't wear ripped denim cut-offs if you want to gain Suri's approval!).  

"The Beckhams have released two pictures of Harper Seven. She’s a beautiful baby, but do these two know anything about a properly planned baby photo media release? She’s less than a week old! Where’s the mystery? Where’s the intrigue? Where’s the respect for young Harper’s media value? I mean, Facebook and Twitter? That’s so … lowbrow. 

Never forget:"

You'd actually begin to think she's really this snarky in real life.

4. RUBEN TOLEDO'S FASHION ALMANAC.  Ugh, should've gotten this when I still caught it available in Amazon. One merchant is selling it used at $2,000!!

I fell in love with Ruben Toledo's art when I saw his illustrations on Nordstrom paperbags a long time ago.  I didn't know him then.  I came across him a 2nd time when I was leafing through my Feb 2007 Harper's Bazaar pages which featured the Toledo's amazing home/ art studio.

From Harper's Bazaar A Fashionable Life: Ruben and Isabel Toledo

Later on, his illustrations would appear in Nina Garcia's ever popular THE LITTLE BLACK BOOK OF STYLE, (a must-have if you ask me) and her series of style books,


Somebody give me this, please?

Check out more amazing photos from THE SELBY.
Ruben Toledo, from THE SELBY.
5. Now Playing.  Lenny Kravitz's "Heaven Help".  Bring out the Pinot for brunch, sit back and melt into Kravitz's soothing spell.  This is how Tuesdays should be.



  1. Hi, what's the brand of the bag? I like it being nondescript as you've perfectly described it. Thanks.

    1. Hi! Email me 101gramsofeyecandya@gmail.com.*wink* :) Thanks!

    2. *101gramsofeyecandy@gmail.com

    3. Where did you get your bag? It's beautiful. :) I'm going to email you, if you don't mind. :)


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