Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mommy Magic.

I can do magic.  

I have a special talent of seeing things that others can't see (ssshh).  Well, except that I share this talent with most , if not all, moms!

Last weekend, I promised my kids I would help them fix up their newly-found summer hang-out.  You see, we have a nice attic with so much potential.  For a year, it served as a storage space for big boxes and two new mattresses waiting for their bed frames.  One day I came home looking for my kids, when I found out they were up in the attic doing some decorating!  I guess they got tired of asking me to fix it and decided to do it themselves.  They did a very neat job!  I promised to help them and told them we were just going to use things that we already have.

I have an old 4-tier wire rack that I thought possible to assemble in two pieces -- 2 tiers each.  

This li'l big guy is cheering me on.

The first half was a success!  It fit in that little corner!

The second half, well, I had a magic moment!  An idea was brewing in my head.  I gathered three shawls, my wooden clothespins and my wire twist, some sheets of big paper and made this.... Ta-dah! An instant puppet theater!

Lucky that I had two matching purple shawls, souvenirs from the Boracay wedding.

Meet my production team ...

The script writer...

The lighting manager...

The puppeteer (see the hand :))...

I promised to make them a 'set design'.  Soo excited for the coming weekend..
When they got tired of the theater, I made it into this...

A playhouse!

I used bulldog clips to attach the shawls to the ledge, keeping them in place.

So much more ideas with that wire rack. My next idea is to turn it into a big dollhouse, or maybe a grocery kiosk, a bank teller counter, or wait, how about a a movie ticket seller's window?  Haha. Mommy's all excited! 

I would also be sharing with you our attic transformation.  This is just a sneak peek of that little corner... :)

Summer is going to be fun!  I can feel it already... :)


  1. Awww, cute. I really don't know where you find the time!!

  2. I am so amazed at your creativity! And yes loving the attic transformation. How do yo do all this and have the time to come up with your amazing blog posts/designs??

  3. fun, fun, fun! cant wait for my little booboo to be old enough for this kind of play!

  4. ocmom and diplowife : that's mommy magic! (corny!)

    I do design posts (collages,etc) in parts, I can't do them in one sitting! I like doing my posts in the morning when everyone is still asleep. 9am should be work time, but I end up starting 10am already (tsk,tsk). Fun time with the kids on weekends :) It's easier now since the kids are on vacation, no early morning preps and HOMEWORK!

    lootwagon : thank you!
    wire rack from Handyman : P3500
    playtime w kids : priceless!

    trisha : hi! enjoy your little booboo! i miss having little booboos around! haha!


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